Shakila Taranum Maan was focused on using a full British crew for her first feature, The Winter of Love (formerly ‘A Quiet Desperation’).  She approached the legendary music composer, Kuljit Bhamra, who embraced the project and produced an outstanding musical score.  The Director of Photography, Koutaiba Al-Janabi has worked on features in the Middle East, Europe and Britain. Koutaiba brought with him a talented crew along with Matthew Hope who took on the role of Assistant Director. Jules MacDonald’s Sound Design elevated the motion picture to produce a sophisticated emotional landscape that the characters and the town of Southall inhabit.

The use of British Asian actors was a conscious one, with the casting of Shiv Grewal in the lead as Shammi and the talented Dev Sagoo as his elder brother, Paji. Gurpreet Bhatti’s rendition of Preeti is moving and Pravesh Kumar as her doomed lover follows suite. Badi-u-Zaman’s brief role leaves an impression whilst both Shekhar Bassi and Mamta Anand explore the silences of their heart.

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Shiv Grewal
as Shammi Singh

Gurpreet Bhatti
as Preeti

Dev Sagoo
as Paji

Shakher Bassi
as Banger

Pravesh Kumar
as Anil

Mamta Anand
as Banger’s Wife

Hardeep Singh Mangat
as Sonu Singh

Anita Masih
as Yasim

Badi U Zaman
as Chacha Malli

Surendra Kochar
as Chachi Malli

Manjeet Singh
as Elvis Singh

Suzan Sandhu
as Elvis’s Sidekick

Ruchir Joshi
as the Pimp

Sandeep Singh Bahra
as Sonu’s Friend

George Smith
as the Funeral Director

Nish Nathwani
Thug No 1

Wajid Hussain
Thug No 2

Jaan Chan
Thug No 2

Kuljit Bhamra
Cool Jay DJ

Sarah Shaw
Nish Hussain
Zac Rashid
Lucy Lebow
Farah Siddiqui


Story by
Shakila Taranum Maan

Screenplay by
Shakila Taranum Maan
Shakher & Shalinder Bassi
Matthew Hope

Directed by
Shakila Taranum Maan

Assistant Director
Matthew Hope

Manjeet Singh
Shakila Taranum Maan

Associate Producer
Anita McKay

Original Music
Kuljit Bhamra

Sound Design & Mix
Julian MacDonald

Director of Photography
Koutaiba Al-Janabi

Focus Puller
Thomas Theakstone

Camera Operator
Koutaiba Al-Janabi

Paul DeFriepas

Sparks 1
Taimur Shuja Akhtar

Sparks 2
Yves S Barre

Clapper Loader
Edward Ware

George Smith

Daniel Rosen

Boom Operator
Mark Hargreaves

Production Manager
Manjeet Singh

‘Elvis Singh’ Shoot
Mike Saunders

‘Elvis Singh’ Edit
M. Rashid &Z. Rashid

Tanya Trohoulia

On-Line Edit for DVD
Tony Allington

Off-line Edit for DVD
Shamim Bhatti

Off-line Technical Support
Saad Chowdhary

Dialogue Editor
Tim Baker

Foley Artists
Claire Mahoney
Melissa Lake
Matt Duncan

Sound Assistant
Sean Byrne

Zac Rashid

Abi Ward

Wardrobe Assistants
Surina Mangat
Harjit Jatana

Lucy Lebow

Art Director
Amarjeet Kaur Nandhra

Assistant to Art Director
Dandeep Wariabharaj

Mamta Anand

Falcon Films

Omi’s Restaurant
Manjeet Singh
Harjit Jatana

Production Stills
Koutaiba Al-Janabi
Daniel Rosen
Zac Rashid

Post Production Stills
Sarah Booker

Design Consultant
Satpaul Bhamra

Processed at
Bucks Laboratories

Titles & Opticals by
Studio 51

Negative Cut
Mike Fraiser

Sound Design Facilities
Town House Vision

Recording Studios
Red Fort Studios

Gold Crest Post Productions

Editing Facilities
The Film Exchange

Editing Facilities for DVD
Fluid Media


Kamal Sabri

Kuljit Bhamra
Percussion, Keyboards,

Hannah Smith

Lol Gellor
Drum Kit

Heather Cairns

Kamalbir Singh
Solo Violin, Vocals

Martin Lee Stephenson
Guitar, Electric Bass

David Lagnado
Double Bass
Rock n Roll Guitar

Tony Harris
Jo Oulton
Double Bass

Christoph Bracher


Tracy Ray
Shahin Badar
Sonia Panesar
Mitch Binns
Gurmail Singh


“Eid Ayee”
performed by Sukhwinder
courtesy Sharan Entertainments UK

“Joy That You Bring”
performed by Tracy Ray
written by Ray/Lagnado/Bhamra

“Rehgaein Yaaden Yahan”
performed by Kamalbir Singh
written by Kamalbir Singh/Bhamra

performed by Sonia Panesar
written by Ray/Lagnado/Bhamra

“Rock Rock Rock”
performed by Moveable Feast
written by Binns / Bhamra

“Leley Mera Dil”
performed by Shahin Badar
written by Timon Singh/Bhamra

performed by Kuljit Bhamra
written by Steele/Bhamra

Performed by Gurmail Singh
Written by Singh/Bhamra

Radio ‘Cool J ‘ voice
by Kuljit Bhamra

Guitar Loops taken from
Faye Rochel’s Reflections

Soundtrack Recorded and Mixed at
Red Fort Studios, Southall, England.

Sound Premastered by Christoph Bracher

Soundtrack available on Keda Records


We would like to thank the following for their unstinting support:

Our parents
Mr. Abdul Latif Maan & family and Mrs. Jaswant Kaur Mangat & family
All the cast and crew
Mrs. Bains

The producers would like to thank the following individuals and organisations that assisted us during the making of

Harry F. Rushton at Bucks Labs

Adrian Waterlow at Panavision

Roger Sapsford at Fuji Film

Roderick Wheeler and Andrew Robinson at Mike Fraser’s Limited

Mike Donnally at Studio 51

Graham Wojakawski and Raju Raymond at Goldcrest Post Production

Shamim Bhatti at RS Videos

Ian Davidson at Virgin Studios, EMI Records

Victor Jameson & Roland Armstrong at Quadrillion

Andy Isaac at The Film Exchange

Nashatar Virdee at Prefect Image Printers

Bradley Pecks at Joes’s Basement

Paul at Lee Lighting

Patrick McEnally at Picture Canning

Shanawar Chaudhry and Abdul Majid Chaudhry of Tandoori Express on Jalebi Junction Southall

Mukesh, Ajay and Bhushan Kharbanda at Omi’s Restaurant Southall

Richard Clark at London Borough of Ealing Council

Southall Funeral Service

KeyPhoto for production stills film stock


Simon Mallin at De Lane Lee

Eamonn & Min at Minamon

Deanne Edwards

Panavision, Fuji Film

Bucks Labs

Film Exchange

Joe’s Basement

Keda Records

Town House Vision

Filmed entirely on location in Southall, UK.

Shot on Fuji Film colour 35mm Format

Camera and Lenses by Panavision

Falcon Films in association with Taranum Films

Copyright Falcon Films Limited/Taranum Films 2011 All rights reserved

The persons and events portrayed in this production are fictitious. No similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is intended or should be inferred.

Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution or reproduction of this motion picture or videotape or any part thereof (including the soundtrack) may result in severe civil and criminal penalties.

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