A British Independent production, the film will soon be available to stream online; contact us if you want to know when it’s available. Written and directed by Shakila Taranum Maan, ‘The Winter of Love’ was first released in 2001 and opened the Raindance East Film Festival. The Winter of Love features the talents of Shiv Grewal, Gurpreet Bhatti, Dev Sagoo, Pravesh Kumar and Badi-u-Zaman. The Soundtrack to the film is by Kuljit Bhamra

In The Winter of Love, the key driving force was creating its own film language and internal dialogue. By using a non-linear structure, which at the time of filming was just coming to the notice of audiences, the film tried to make a difference in how low budget films were structured.

Writing in her Blog, Maan noted that “with Shammi’s character alongside that of Preeti, the language of the outsider was quickly established – this was then depicted through shots of lone skies in various colours/moods/shades and close shots of the bodies of the characters which further alienated them from the whole. For me to decipher the language of the film is a difficult matter as I believe the film uses cyclical motions to travel with each character as the story develops and returns to the present – so the anchor was always the present and rested within the character of Shammi, played by Shiv Grewal.”